Your Comfort Zonecomfort-zone

Sounds like a nice place to be, right?

It can be a dangerous place to be. Living in a comfort zone can be a recipe for disaster. The natural laws of the universe state that if you’re not growing you’re… well…you’re falling in the other direction.

Comfort zones mean you’re living on auto pilot. Everything is done without conscious effort. Some people call this as being a “creature of habit”. Habits are not all created equal. The habits we are referring to are the ones that are keeping you in your comfort zone and not involving any personal growth.





How do I know I’m in a comfort zone?

  1. You feel like you standing still and the world is moving around you.
  2. You’re not getting the results in your life you desire.
  3. Feeling frustrated, anxious, or depressed and not understand why.

How do I get out?

  1. Start by changing up your daily routine. Maybe eat breakfast before you shower, or listen to your favorite song when you wake up.
  2. Take different routes to work. Take the stairs or ride your bike.
  3. Change up your diet. Eating the same foods or at the same restaurants keeps you from expanding your mind. Try the new restaurant in town. Maybe get some friends or family together and trade favorite dishes. Find something new and exciting.
  4. Volunteer somewhere that makes you uncomfortable. Working with the things that may scare you allows you to gain understanding of them and will help you realize that there is nothing to be afraid of.
  5. Be spontaneous! If someone┬ácalls up and says “hey want to go ___?” Just do it! Change on a dime and watch yourself grow with each new experience.

Try these out! Having the knowledge of what a comfort zone it gives you a new level of awareness. Now take a hard look at your daily habits and see when you’re slipping into your comfort zone. Know when you are slipping. Keep stepping outside of your comfort zone. You will be surprised on what you will find on the other side.